Nokia N139DL Tracfone

Nokia’s new phone with model number N139DL has just appeared on Tracfone’s official support website.

Looks like the Nokia N139DL will be available for purchase soon from Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk.

Nokia N139DL for Tracfone could be an entry-level android 11 based smartphone. Maybe Tracfone will offer the Nokia N139DL with a price tag under $100.

Another Nokia phone coming to Tracfone is the Nokia N1374DL which is a variant of the theTA-1368, AND TA-1371.

Nokia N139DL Tracfone

Sadly, the Specs of the two Nokia smartphones, N1374DL and N139DL remain a mystery.

So far, Tracfone has not announced the release date and price for the N1374DL and N139DL.

Stay Tuned, We will add the Nokia N1374DL and N139DL manual here when it is available.