Tracfone Alcatel A3X A600DL specs revealed by FCC

Tracfone Alcatel A3X A600DL TCL A3X -Upcoming Tracfone phones 2021 A new Alcatel smartphone with the model number A600DL which could be the TCL A3X for Tracfone has bagged FCC certification. As you can see from the above screenshot, The FCC label for the A600DL can confirm that the model is tailor-made for Tracrfone Wirelss  … Read more

Tracfone LG L460DL pass through FCC certification

Upcoming Tracfone LG phones 2021 A new LG device with the model number L460DL has passed through FCC certification! In fact, the LG L460DL is a variant of the LG LM-K330PM which received FCC approval with the FCC ID: ZNFK330PM! As you can see from the above screenshot, the upcoming LG smartphone with FCC ID ZNFK330PM … Read more