Tracfone LG L460DL User Manual / Guide

This is the official LG L460DL user manual in English provided from the manufacture.

In January 2021, The LG L460DL received the FCC certification, and a month later, the device received the GCF certification on 05-Feb-2021. 

Tracfone LG L460DL User Manual / Guide

As per the FCC documents, the LG L460DL is a variant of the LG LM-K330PM and LM-K330TM.

Thanks to the Bluetooth SIG Filings, we know that the marketing name of the LM-K330PM is LG K33 or LG Aristo 6!

Tracfone LG L460DL User Manual / Guide

It seems that the LG L460DL will be available for purchase soon from Tracfone, NET10, and Straight Talk since Tracfone has already listed the LG L460DL model on its official support website!

Download LG L460DL User Manual

We will add the LG L460DL User manual later.

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The LG L460DL (LG K33 or LG Aristo 6) will come with Android 11 OS out of the box, anyway, LG should offer OS Upgrade for the LG L460DL smartphone.